Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The right knock

I was very sad
until I heard
a knock on the door.

Not one, not two
many knocks.

Someone was
banging on the door
shouting at the
same time promises.
promising this that
and everything
a lot more than
I had ever thought
possible in my life

I opened the door
and I was surprised
by the galore of gifts
tantalizing cups
sparkling wine

I was happy
but the fizz did not last
He left in a hurry
almost as soon
as he had come
leaving me behind
more sad than before

My tears hadn't dried
And I heard another knock
A second person
knocked on the door
but this time, just once
quite boringly
promised no gifts
said he had something to show
if I could open the door.

Why would I open the door
What was the point?

Then magically
an angel knocked
from the inside
of my beating heart
and sang:
"open your eyes
now is the time
realize realize
the first person
was temptation
but now who's there
is opportunity!
So go
open the door"

My angel's call
was just
in the nick of time
I opened the door
before opportunity
had gone
and as soon as the
door was opened
sun came walking in
brightened my house
like never before.

There is nothing
like having an angel
who is hiding in your
heart come out and
speak and lead.

Now I sing to you
My friend, its time
Find your angel
He will lead you
to answer the knock.
The right one.


  1. This one is so beautiful and calming, so peaceful and a tribute to angels. You are something. Truly, your works need to be published.

  2. Awww thanks ... I need to figure that one out. Just happy writing for now. Thanks for your encouragement. It means a lot!

  3. Shiv, it is obvious you have been and always will be an eternal poet of the highest level.