Sunday, March 6, 2011

I thank my angels

I thank my angels
who sang their lives
to keep me awake
to see starry nights

and feel cool dampness
of love's lost dew
on leaves of grass
until I fully grew

to be as small
as they had too
and One as large
as One they knew

Credit: God, Guru Arjan Dev, Walt Whitman

A guide to understanding this poem:

  • who sang their lives - one's filled with thankfulness, grace.
  • awake - spiritually awake / in bliss
  • starry nights - even when times are bad, angels see positives. At nights they are mesmerized by stars. From Guru Arjan's Bhinni Rainariye
  • cool dampness - cooling/calming nature of spiritual love
  • lost dew - angels feel the calmness of dew, when others think it is lost
  • as small - angels have lost their egos and become insignificant
  • leaves of grass - a composition of walt whitman, which grew as he grew!
  • One as large - they have become so small, that they can only be identified by the universe that surrounds them -- the one, the largest entity of all


  1. This is another beautiful soft poem. Such words really touch me.