Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hukam - His Will

The truth is spoken By His Will
No one else does have a say
Through His Will begins all life
His Will makes small or great

His Will brings high or low stature
His Will is what brings joy and pain
In his Will are those in peace
In his Will too wandering in vain

Everyone everywhere in His Will
Without His Will there is no one
And once His Will is understood
Says Nanak "I" becomes defunct

- Shiv

Previous: Path to Peace - Guru Nanak (Japji 1)

Credit: God, Guru Nanak (Japji Sahib, Pauri 2)

Earlier Version:

In His Will is the body
one does not have a say
In His Will comes life
And Will makes it great
High or low stature
Willed is joy and pain
Willed are in peace
Willed wandering in vain
Willed is everyone
Without Will no one
once this is understood
The "I" becomes defunct

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