Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The light of Guru Nanak's Truth

How fortunate am I
The supreme giver
has infinite mercy upon me
and brought to me
none other than
my dear Guru Nanak
so he can guide me.

My Guru meets everyone
with a peculiar humility
strange to our world
Despite knowing so much
he brings no Ego along.
He learns freely from those
who are spiritually gifted
He shows me that the path
to attain spiritual freedom
to attain perfect bliss
is to learn from the learned
with utmost humility.
How fortunate am I

He travels many million miles
he travels far and wide
and and when his feet are washed
Particles of his noble ways
turn the wash water
into sweet ambrosial nectar
a drop of which I get to drink
How fortunate am I

With that luminious drop
all fog starts to disappear
Himself my dear Guru shows me
there is no difference betwee
one who knows everything
and the mysterious one
that no one can fully fathom
How fortunate am I

This world of ours has
those of different religions
and as many opinions,
those of disparate social strata;
some rich live the lives of king
others, paupers, just survive
they have all, in one drop.,
through his blessed vision
become ONE for me
How fortunate am I

At times when
everything looks dark
he lights my path
with the torch of the
mantra of truth, Satnam.
A drop of his light
has the immense power
to shine my heart.
My dear Guru Nanank
has removed my darkness
How fortunate am I
How fortunate am I

Credit: God, Guru Nanak, Bhai Gurdas
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"Guru Nanak" in Raag Bageshri:

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