Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mool Mantra Truth

the Only One entity
in the form of Om
named "Truth"
without fear or enmity
living at all times
before birth, beyond death
self sufficiently,
has been revealed
by my Master

My Master guides me
to become one with
the one entity,
the song of Om,
so I am Truth too,
and my purpose is
to create more truth
without fear or enmity
remaining beyond time,
remaining free from
the painful cycle
of birth and death
of false desires
and thus
self sufficient.

I'm indebted to
my master for
his revelation
of truth.

Credit: God, Guru Nanak, Bhai Gurdas

Bhai Gurdas says "Guru Nanak read the mantra of Truth" refering to Mool Mantra.

Guru Nanak's Mool Mantra says (with literal meanings):
Ek Omkaar, Satnaam, Karta Purakh,
Nirbhau, Nirvair, Akaal Moorat,
Ajuni, Saibhang, Gur prasaad

Because this is a mantra, I am not putting a period at the end ... "Gur prasaad" is followed by "Ek Omkaar" forever. Similarly the first sentence in my translation can be read continuously from beginning to end.

Ek Omkaar - one Om shape
Satnaam - true name
Karta Purakh - Creator Purakh (Purakh or Purush is a vedic term for the creator)
Nirbhau - Without fear
Nirvair - Without enmity
Akaal Moorat - Timless shape
Ajuni - pronounced Ajooni, Joon is cycle of birth of death, Ajooni is "one who is unaffected by the cycle of birth and death"
Saibhang - Self existing (from vedic 'svyam bhu' -- self existing)
Gur prasaad - Guru's blessing or gift (attained by Guru's blessing)

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