Sunday, January 2, 2011

True Love tones

Some do Do,
some sing Sa;
some say So;
Others play Pa.

Somewhere cuckoo sings;
somewhere koyal kooks;
kukushka bliss brings;
elsewhere carol kakukks.

Some love in vermelho,
in some red flows,
some bleed rosso,
in others rouge grows.

Love tones enthralled
are everywhere the same;
they are just called
by many a different name.

Har Allah God Raam
Sung whichever way
makes soft souls calm
and hale hearts play

Credit: God, Rig Veda


Sa and Pa - 1st and 5th notes in Hindi Octave
(Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa)
Do and So - 1st and 5th notes in English octave

This comes from solfege or solfeggio system which assigns each note a particular syllable. The notes 're' 'mi' 'fa' and 'la' come from syllables from words from the "Hymn of St John" written in the 8th century -'do, 'ti' and 'so' added later

cuckoo -- english
Koyal kooks - hindi
kukushka - russian
Kakukks - hungarian

vermelho - italian
red - english
rosso - portugese
rouge - french

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