Tuesday, January 25, 2011


From the day I was born
I was hungry.
I cried for mommy
and she understood.
She understood before I
even could say anything.
And She fed me!

When I grew up
She cooked for me.
And cooked she well
because whatever she made
was so delectable,
so succulent.
Just the right spices
salt and water.
She chose the purest,
the best ingredients.

She still does.
I can eat outside too
but there is
no better cook than mommy
and there is
no better kitchen than hers
and no one had
as many pots as she.

She has pots of brass
those made of steel
She has expensive
ones made in silver
and even delicate
earthern pots.

Her food prepared
in different pots
tastes slightly different
even when
the main ingredients
remain the same.

But what remains the same
is not the pot;
the pot is merely to prepare
and then to serve.
what remains the same
is the lingering taste;
it has the same amount of
unending love in it
the best you ever had.

Yes I am grown up
but still live with mommy
because my hunger
has grown too with me
and she is the only one
who can feed.

My mommy is my Guru
and for an eternity
she has prepared
the same dish ...
the dish of truth!

But its not bland
Its very colorful
because she uses
multilingual pots
every pot even adds
a new, different flavor
to her dish.

But the truth remains
Her food tastes awesome
it used to sate me then,
it removes my hunger now.
And will forever!

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