Thursday, June 2, 2011

You and Me

This night of my wait
will have to say goodbye,
and these flickering stars
then better cease to lie,

when walking once perchance,
I'll see you on my way
and rising from my ranch,
the sun will shower a day

that is so brightly lit
that everyone would see
my dream of our epic,
the tale of you and me.

- Shiv

Monday, May 16, 2011

Saavan - Mirabai

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. ~Rabindranath Tagore

The clouds of Saavan pour,
to join my heart's humming
A familiar perfume airs
my love must be coming

Dark clouds from all sides
come together for an attack
Electricity charges the air,
lights a series of flash.

Tiny droplets dance around
as my hope slowly grows
my heart sings love songs
while a pleasant wind blows

- Shiv

*Saavan - rainy season

Inspired by Mira Bai's "Barsai Badariya Saavan Ki"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunrise After 8.9

"I truly hope the victims of the disaster never give up hope, take care of themselves, and live strong for tomorrow"
- Emperor Akihito in a TV address following Japan's 8.9 earthquake in March 2011, resulting in a devastating tsunami and a nuclear disaster.

there was
a gory dark time
of the eclipse
of 8.9!

But far
on a rosy horizon
to have darkness undone
sits another baby

I feel
it somewhat low
but I still feel it
with glow

This is
the sun that
will bring close those
who in current life are cast
and memories of those
who were amongst us
in the near

This is
the sun that will
shine upon what's in disdain
and upon what cannot be
put together

its rays
reflect the
pain (that trembling thrust)
of my dear brothers and sisters
and warmly touch me
as a reminder
of oneness
of us

My soul
feels the warmth
in their acceptance
of the power of nature's will
and feels the pain in
their surrender-
ed smiles

I feel
them somewhat near;
and ever more

far out
on a rosy horizon
to have grave darkness undone
I feel surely sits
baby sun

will again
from its cradle
in the east shine the sun
just like ages ago
its luster had

Hail the sun
for rising again!
Hail the sun
for shining again!

I feel
it somewhat low
but I really feel
it glow

My feelings world will grow
as per the master plan
the sun that now lies low
will again rise from Japan

- Shiv

Inspired by a project (Poets for Tsunami Relief) by inspiring Montreal poet Heather Grace Stewart earlier today I wrote this poem. As my other poems, this is a poem I wrote for strength for myself after seeing media coverage of Japan's monster quake, which I refer to by 8.9. If this resonates with you, please share it with friends and family.

Here are 10 ways of donating for Japan's relief: Donate for Tsunami Relief

- Shiv

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hope of Spring

Do you know
what California hills
look like now?
They are full
of mustard flowers

O soul,
grow the mustard flowers of love
on the soil of your heart,
and let them spread wildly ...

and you will sing
like California hills
are singing now,
mesmerizing onlookers
into thinking
they are you

- Shiv

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mustard Hills

I was travelling
on the train today
on bay area rapid transport.
we call it "BART" here.

Like I do almost everyday
going rapidly back and forth
home to office,
then home again.
So I think.

It takes me about an hour
(when I am not dreaming)
and it usually gives me time
to read something or think.
Today I couldn't do either.

Because I was mesmerized.
I couldn't stop looking
at the mustard flowers
on lush green hills
alongside the tracks.

I couldn't hear the train,
its timely movements
or the person behind me,
his loud inclinations
I couldn't see the spots
of fargone rain on the window
No distractions
None at all
Just green and yellow.

This is absolutely
the most beautiful season
in northern california
this is what makes this place
the best place to live
this makes this place

Home is where love lives
where the soul rests in peace
because greed has died
not because
it is diminished at all
it has ballooned so large
that it has consumed
my self and the surroundings
into ONE
it has compelled me
to hold a little
child's hand
because she needs it
(so I think)
so she can learn to
play the piano.
Thats home.

I have become the yellow
spotting on the green,
the flower of the connection,
which is green
because it is connected
or else it would be a twig;

I am not a twig
I am alive
I am at home,
and flowering yellow
and my soul sings:

mustard spots, green hills
consumed my greed
I am at home now
Love is all I need

- Shiv

Credit: God, Kabir, John Lennon

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The right knock

I was very sad
until I heard
a knock on the door.

Not one, not two
many knocks.

Someone was
banging on the door
shouting at the
same time promises.
promising this that
and everything
a lot more than
I had ever thought
possible in my life

I opened the door
and I was surprised
by the galore of gifts
tantalizing cups
sparkling wine

I was happy
but the fizz did not last
He left in a hurry
almost as soon
as he had come
leaving me behind
more sad than before

My tears hadn't dried
And I heard another knock
A second person
knocked on the door
but this time, just once
quite boringly
promised no gifts
said he had something to show
if I could open the door.

Why would I open the door
What was the point?

Then magically
an angel knocked
from the inside
of my beating heart
and sang:
"open your eyes
now is the time
realize realize
the first person
was temptation
but now who's there
is opportunity!
So go
open the door"

My angel's call
was just
in the nick of time
I opened the door
before opportunity
had gone
and as soon as the
door was opened
sun came walking in
brightened my house
like never before.

There is nothing
like having an angel
who is hiding in your
heart come out and
speak and lead.

Now I sing to you
My friend, its time
Find your angel
He will lead you
to answer the knock.
The right one.

Where is Woman's Place - Guru Nanak


Within woman, man is conceived;
From woman, man is born;

To woman he is engaged, then married.
Woman remains his close friend;
she lays the path of life with him.

When his woman dies,
man seeks another woman;
he cannot do without her.

Weren't kings
born from her?
And other women too?

And Man calls her bad!
And He thinks her low!
Why I ask, why?

Without woman there'd be no one at all;
I say woman's place is next to God.

– Guru Nanak, Raag Aasaa Mehal 1, Page 473

I did this translation to celebrate the International Women's Day:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I thank my angels

I thank my angels
who sang their lives
to keep me awake
to see starry nights

and feel cool dampness
of love's lost dew
on leaves of grass
until I fully grew

to be as small
as they had too
and One as large
as One they knew

Credit: God, Guru Arjan Dev, Walt Whitman

A guide to understanding this poem:

  • who sang their lives - one's filled with thankfulness, grace.
  • awake - spiritually awake / in bliss
  • starry nights - even when times are bad, angels see positives. At nights they are mesmerized by stars. From Guru Arjan's Bhinni Rainariye
  • cool dampness - cooling/calming nature of spiritual love
  • lost dew - angels feel the calmness of dew, when others think it is lost
  • as small - angels have lost their egos and become insignificant
  • leaves of grass - a composition of walt whitman, which grew as he grew!
  • One as large - they have become so small, that they can only be identified by the universe that surrounds them -- the one, the largest entity of all

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Timely Karma

Karma works right here,
karma works right now too.
If you waste time,
time will just waste you.

Give someone a smile,
this world will smile for you.
Just say goodbye to hell,
as heaven waits to greet you.

- Shiv

Credit: God, Shakespeare

Monday, February 28, 2011

My Friend

When life needs courage
He is there to lend

When life's patch is rough
He stays till the end

When life is broke
He is there to mend

That, my dear angel,
is my love, my friend

Credit: God, Shirley Veliz Cruz

Shirley asked me today to write a poem on friendship. So this was it!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Have you stolen this?

One who has seen truth
Does not need to lie,
One who owns this world
will steal, tell me why?

- Shiv

Credit: God

I posted this picture on facebook, and someone asked me "You have stolen this from a Tokyo drift film, haven't you?"

El verdadero Amor

A amar con todo tu corazón;
Amor con toda pasión
A amar con toda tu alma
Amor sin ninguna razón

Which means,

To love with all your heart
Love with every passion
To love with all your soul
Love without any reason

Credit: God, Maria Jose Contreras

Maria said:

ama sin razon,
ama con corazon,
ama con el alma,
y con toda la pasion

which means,

Love without reason,
love with heart,
love with the soul,
and with all the passion

Hukam - His Will

The truth is spoken By His Will
No one else does have a say
Through His Will begins all life
His Will makes small or great

His Will brings high or low stature
His Will is what brings joy and pain
In his Will are those in peace
In his Will too wandering in vain

Everyone everywhere in His Will
Without His Will there is no one
And once His Will is understood
Says Nanak "I" becomes defunct

- Shiv

Previous: Path to Peace - Guru Nanak (Japji 1)

Credit: God, Guru Nanak (Japji Sahib, Pauri 2)

Earlier Version:

In His Will is the body
one does not have a say
In His Will comes life
And Will makes it great
High or low stature
Willed is joy and pain
Willed are in peace
Willed wandering in vain
Willed is everyone
Without Will no one
once this is understood
The "I" becomes defunct

Hukam Rajai - Surrender to Wll!

Thinking does not unthaw truth
by churning thoughts tier on tier
Silencing scarcely brings silence
by sitting soundless year after year

Hunger will still linger no matter
how many heaps are hoarded here
Like flickers of candles in the wind
the best of wits will disappear

What is then the light of truth
whose brillance makes the path clear
Living in grace inspite of darkness
and singing His song everywhere

- Shiv

Next: His Will (Japji 2)- Guru Nanak

Previous: Truth Meditation

Credit: God, Guru Nanak (Japji Sahib, Pauri 1)


Guru Nanak says "Hukum Rajai Chalana". Hukum is "order", Rajai is "accepting" or "satisfied" and Chalana is "Walk" ... In your order I walk satisfied. Or simply, I sing in your grace!

So two alternatives for the last stanza:

How will I see the light of truth
and remove falsehood's dark layer?
In His game by accepting His rules,
and being now a joyful player

What is then the light of truth
whose brillance makes the path clear
Living in grace inspite of darkness
and singing His song everywhere

I chose the second one,

An earlier version of the poem:

Thinking doesnt bring rest
having thoughts a-million
Silencing doesnt bring peace
sitting silent years a-million
Hunger is not filled by stashing
piles of cash a-million
Like candles in the wind
temporary wits a-million
how to attain truth
and remove dark falsehood?
By singing His Will
and being thankful!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wake up sleepy head!

This morning,
the sun of truth
rose through
the window of my heart
and quite annoyingly
giving me a jolt
screamed at me
loud and clear:

"Yo sleepy head
the morning has come
it is a new day
filled with new hope
what has never happened before
will happen today
O soul
its time now
wake up!"

- Shiv

Credit: God, My dear guru

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The light of Guru Nanak's Truth

How fortunate am I
The supreme giver
has infinite mercy upon me
and brought to me
none other than
my dear Guru Nanak
so he can guide me.

My Guru meets everyone
with a peculiar humility
strange to our world
Despite knowing so much
he brings no Ego along.
He learns freely from those
who are spiritually gifted
He shows me that the path
to attain spiritual freedom
to attain perfect bliss
is to learn from the learned
with utmost humility.
How fortunate am I

He travels many million miles
he travels far and wide
and and when his feet are washed
Particles of his noble ways
turn the wash water
into sweet ambrosial nectar
a drop of which I get to drink
How fortunate am I

With that luminious drop
all fog starts to disappear
Himself my dear Guru shows me
there is no difference betwee
one who knows everything
and the mysterious one
that no one can fully fathom
How fortunate am I

This world of ours has
those of different religions
and as many opinions,
those of disparate social strata;
some rich live the lives of king
others, paupers, just survive
they have all, in one drop.,
through his blessed vision
become ONE for me
How fortunate am I

At times when
everything looks dark
he lights my path
with the torch of the
mantra of truth, Satnam.
A drop of his light
has the immense power
to shine my heart.
My dear Guru Nanank
has removed my darkness
How fortunate am I
How fortunate am I

Credit: God, Guru Nanak, Bhai Gurdas
More info:

"Guru Nanak" in Raag Bageshri:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Waterlillies In My Soul's Lake

I look vainly, out for serenity
on the San Francisco bay
to Golden gate, pale red laid,
in a foggy mist of grey.

Even glowing bulbs at night
glistening its curvacious sight
are only momentarily bright

much to my dismay.

My poor heavy heart's gate
is finally thrown open by
whats gushing true, a red hue,
that forever plans to stay.

Awakening me, the creator Sun,
is the very same old one
that on my soul now shines
hope of an early summer day.

Having driven the fog clear then
He himself makes my karmic hay.
And now awake, in my soul's lake,
are waterlillies of Monet.

- Shiv

Credit: God, Guru Nanak, Robert Haydn
Inspiration:Waterlillies by Robert Hayden:

Monet was a famous impressionist painter; one of his famous paintings is "Waterlillies"
Waterlillies are a symbol of pure beauty.
Waterlillies "wake" during the day and apear dead at night.
Karmic is from "karma"
Water lillies stay beautiful despite growing around dirt.

My thinking behind this poem:

This poem is my description of the feeling before and after singing Ekonkar.

I look at the the symbol of freedom, the golden gate bridge, but it is fogged. Even when it has lights decorating it, it is not so beautiful because they do not stay forever. They come and go as night flows into day.

But then Ekonkar enters my heart. It wakes me up! Like the Golden gate its hue is red; but it is alive, it gushes in, it does not get fogged or dark. It has come to stay forever.

The question of karma is thrown out of the window. I don't need to make 'karmic' hay when the sun shines. I don't need to worry about doing good. Ekonkar handles my karma.

Ekonkar shines on my soul like sunlight first rays. It freshens like an early summer day. Making the lake of my soul beautiful like water lillies that open with the sun. But not any water lillies. These are the waterlillies in Monet's painting: classic, beautiful, and immortal ... just like its creator created them.

True beauty is found residing inside, not the temporary beauty that physically surrounds you.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Come my love, come!

Come my love, come.
Come my love, come.

Your priceless laugh
has stayed with me
My heart you've taken
but its ache is still with me

My love is lost
My eyes tiresome
Come my love, come.
Come my love, come.

So very pretty
is your love's trick
so what if it
made my soul sick

I do not know
What will happen
My eyes still call
Come my love, come.

- Shiv

Credit: God
More on the inspiration:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Warmth of Love

Warmth of Love:

My heart dark in winters chill
Was icicle topped, cold and still
Your warm eyes sent love's ray
It sings and along with ice, melts away

Credit: God, Jules Verne

More on this inspiration:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Simple Heart - Bulleh Shah

"Simple Heart" on a stone by D. Goth

You seek knowledge
of a thousand books
your simple heart
You have read not

You've barged into
temples and mosques
Your pious heart
you've entered not

You've tried your best
to fight some Satan
your evil thoughts
You have not fought

You've tried your best
to catch some heaven
what lives in your heart
you have not caught

Inspired by: God, Bulleh Shah

Where is God found? - Bulleh Shah

If God was found
by taking sacred baths
then God would be
found by fishes and frogs

If God was found
roaming in the wild
then God would been
found by beasts and hogs

If God was found
by going to the mosque
then God would be
found by ants in its walls

Bulleh shah says
God is found
living in the goodness
of pure heart throbs

Inspiration: God, "Je Rab Milda" by Bulleh Shah

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Poet's Gratitude

Often I write at first,
then in wonder I read!
And more often than not,
I simply cannot believe.

All the marvels
that You doled
All the planets
that You rolled

Passing through so
many generations,
You make me play
perfect emotions,

have me scribe words
that fit just right
in sacred poetry
You make me write.

- Shiv

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is there life after death?

Some curious person asked
what comes after life?
Are there beds of roses,
or laden thorns of strife?

All the wise men surmised
but the man was dissatisfied
until one quiet soul
hearing everyone replied:

"If there is life before death,
then so it must be after death.
but in the city of the living dead
there is nothing behind, nor ahead!"


Credit: God, Guru Nanak

Death undone

That doesn't die
that hadn't taken birth.
And that isn't born
that will not die.

The only way to escape
both life and death
is to remove I's birth
in the first place!

Then the communion
with the ONE
is called perfect
and Death undone.

Credit: God

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


From the day I was born
I was hungry.
I cried for mommy
and she understood.
She understood before I
even could say anything.
And She fed me!

When I grew up
She cooked for me.
And cooked she well
because whatever she made
was so delectable,
so succulent.
Just the right spices
salt and water.
She chose the purest,
the best ingredients.

She still does.
I can eat outside too
but there is
no better cook than mommy
and there is
no better kitchen than hers
and no one had
as many pots as she.

She has pots of brass
those made of steel
She has expensive
ones made in silver
and even delicate
earthern pots.

Her food prepared
in different pots
tastes slightly different
even when
the main ingredients
remain the same.

But what remains the same
is not the pot;
the pot is merely to prepare
and then to serve.
what remains the same
is the lingering taste;
it has the same amount of
unending love in it
the best you ever had.

Yes I am grown up
but still live with mommy
because my hunger
has grown too with me
and she is the only one
who can feed.

My mommy is my Guru
and for an eternity
she has prepared
the same dish ...
the dish of truth!

But its not bland
Its very colorful
because she uses
multilingual pots
every pot even adds
a new, different flavor
to her dish.

But the truth remains
Her food tastes awesome
it used to sate me then,
it removes my hunger now.
And will forever!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love Union

Just Needs

I need just enough ears 
to hear your call
I need just enough tongue 
to answer you back

I need just enough feet 
to walk towards you
I need just enough arms 
to embrace you tight

I need just enough head 
to lay down at your feet
I need just enough heart 
for you to live there
And shiv, I need just enough sight, 
to see you everywhere

An older Translation

With just enough space in my heart,
You, my love, can live forever where,
and just the right sight in my eyes
to see Your reflection everywhere,

my hand intently funnels my ear
to hear Your warm and passionate call
and my tongue promptly answers back:
"Yes, Yes, I want Your affair!"

So in my hands holding the yarn
that already binds the two of us,
with quick, yet very confident feet
closer towards You, I tear.

On Your sight my head slowly swells
bowing naturally down at Your feet;
I shed all loans of my life*,
leaving in union, me, just bare.

Inspiration: God, Bhai Nand Lal Goya

*loans of life = every breath we take has been borrowed; its not ours, because we don't get to keep it -- it is the Creator's. Without breath, after life, the body goes while the soul remains. It is only the soul that unifies with the Creator, not the body, therefore in union one has to be "bare". From the readings I have done, this is a poetic way to explain our connection with unity, not necessarily a definition of the truth (so I don't expect a soul to magically fly towards heaven after death or hover about in my backyard to trouble me).

Other Notes:
It is impossible to translate poetry, especially beautiful Farsi (Persian) poetry. I have just taken the essence of a Farsi poem written by Bhai Nand Lal and from that inspiration written this poem. Like the poems of my dear Gurus, his poems ooze love for the supreme mystery. I am the 10th descendent of Bhai Nand Lal, so his poetry remains special to me personally.

Bhai Nand Lal, despite being a Hindu, was considered to be an authority on the holy Quran during Mughal ruler Aurangzeb's time (17th century) and was hired to teach Farsi to Aurangzeb's kids (specifically Bahadur Shah) to prepare them for the throne. However, Bhai Nand Lal opposed Aurangzeb's fanaticism and intention to forcibly convert the population to Islam, and left to become a disciple and poet laureate of my dear Guru Gobind Singh. His poems are sung in the Golden Temple and across the world even now. He is a great example, in my mind, of someone who favored Truth over falsehood, and for that, is remembered till date.

Truth Meditation - 真理冥想 (Chinese)


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mool Mantra Truth

the Only One entity
in the form of Om
named "Truth"
without fear or enmity
living at all times
before birth, beyond death
self sufficiently,
has been revealed
by my Master

My Master guides me
to become one with
the one entity,
the song of Om,
so I am Truth too,
and my purpose is
to create more truth
without fear or enmity
remaining beyond time,
remaining free from
the painful cycle
of birth and death
of false desires
and thus
self sufficient.

I'm indebted to
my master for
his revelation
of truth.

Credit: God, Guru Nanak, Bhai Gurdas

Bhai Gurdas says "Guru Nanak read the mantra of Truth" refering to Mool Mantra.

Guru Nanak's Mool Mantra says (with literal meanings):
Ek Omkaar, Satnaam, Karta Purakh,
Nirbhau, Nirvair, Akaal Moorat,
Ajuni, Saibhang, Gur prasaad

Because this is a mantra, I am not putting a period at the end ... "Gur prasaad" is followed by "Ek Omkaar" forever. Similarly the first sentence in my translation can be read continuously from beginning to end.

Ek Omkaar - one Om shape
Satnaam - true name
Karta Purakh - Creator Purakh (Purakh or Purush is a vedic term for the creator)
Nirbhau - Without fear
Nirvair - Without enmity
Akaal Moorat - Timless shape
Ajuni - pronounced Ajooni, Joon is cycle of birth of death, Ajooni is "one who is unaffected by the cycle of birth and death"
Saibhang - Self existing (from vedic 'svyam bhu' -- self existing)
Gur prasaad - Guru's blessing or gift (attained by Guru's blessing)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Истина - Truth (Guru Nanak)

Изначально истинное,
было истинным,
сейчас истинное,
во все времена было истинным

- Гуру Нанака (Russian, translated by Svyatos Albireo)

In the beginning True,
For ages has been True,
In the present is True,
Will forever be True.

- Guru Nanak (English, translated by Shiv)

Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach
Hai Bhi Sach, Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach.

- Guru Nanak (Gurmukhi original)

A fling with Truth

Legend talks of Mount Falserest's corrie
with water that would any thirst quell,
only if someone could go, imbibe its glory,
and came back to the valley to tell.

On this tall mound I too tried to climb,
traversed terrain that no pardon would give;
but aghast near the top was I to find
there was no water, not even air to live.

Knocked down by deceptions so many
I now trust my tryst that a fling fells
me as I sing plain truth in the valley
not needing to remember anything else.

Credit: God, Guru Nanak, Mark Twain

Mount Falserest: A mount, as tall as mount everest, but instead of rock, made of a tall order of falses (many deceptions).

A corrie is a lake close to the summit of a mountain. Usually of breathtaking beauty like the one in the picture above(that one is from Ireland): calm, serene, and peaceful!

World's concept of success is like Mount Falserest; we all try to climb Mount falserest; and we can never reach the corrie on the top, because it is a myth; there is no peace on the "top."

One has to fall to the valley of truth for peace of mind. A fling with truth is liking falling in love the conception of truth; in this case one is falling from Mount falserest. "Trusting my tryst" is apt because its suggests living in God's will.

Once you have fallen to the valley of truth, you don't have to remember anything else; you are in bliss. Just like when you tell the truth, you don't need to remember all the stories you made up to support the false corrie of Mount Falserest.

We try to climb Mount Falserest for peace, when it lies right here with us in the valley.

On a personal note, I love the reference to Mount Everest because I was born in Kathmandu, Nepal!!!

Guru Nanak:
In the beginning true
Throughout the ages true
Even at present true
Forever shall be true

Mark Twain:
"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything."

Sunday, January 2, 2011

True Love tones

Some do Do,
some sing Sa;
some say So;
Others play Pa.

Somewhere cuckoo sings;
somewhere koyal kooks;
kukushka bliss brings;
elsewhere carol kakukks.

Some love in vermelho,
in some red flows,
some bleed rosso,
in others rouge grows.

Love tones enthralled
are everywhere the same;
they are just called
by many a different name.

Har Allah God Raam
Sung whichever way
makes soft souls calm
and hale hearts play

Credit: God, Rig Veda


Sa and Pa - 1st and 5th notes in Hindi Octave
(Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa)
Do and So - 1st and 5th notes in English octave

This comes from solfege or solfeggio system which assigns each note a particular syllable. The notes 're' 'mi' 'fa' and 'la' come from syllables from words from the "Hymn of St John" written in the 8th century -'do, 'ti' and 'so' added later

cuckoo -- english
Koyal kooks - hindi
kukushka - russian
Kakukks - hungarian

vermelho - italian
red - english
rosso - portugese
rouge - french

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Truth Meditation

Rising with the sun
What was true
Will be at sunset
Still golden truth

Its Summer's warmth
Grey winter's dew
Autumn's red fall
And Spring's life too

Like hours pass
So Seasons do
Grey has a range
But Truth stays true

So In this new year
Last year's white truth
Like bygone millennia
will again ring true

Its reign will sustain
With it's royal blue
For ages and eons
Forever true

So Hold still my dear
As Vapor Flows through
You too will Be clear
In a moment or two

Why shy away from
Truth's boldness due,
And Why seek outside
For what's inside true?

Credit: Guru Nanak, George Couttolenc

"From Beginning's Dawn True
to whichever Age True
In Today's Morn True
And Forever Will be True"
- Guru Nanak