Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Drive the Fall to Love

Someone asked me today, "Shiv,
how do in Love I fall?"
I said "Drive and live
in New England in the fall"

"That doesn't make any sense,"
she looked at me perplexed.
I said, "Let me commence
the love story I know best.

Learning love, my friend,
is like learning to drive;
Well, not exactly, I amend,
it's been a mighty tough ride.

Sometimes I'd drive a mile,
but then I'd stop again;
after stopping for a while
another cycle would begin.

On this fine fare I found
sparkling preachers who'd preach,
and even more profound
sagacious speakers who'd speak.

I've had teachers intense
who've failed to me teach;
with even my nifty Benz
halting to discordant screech.

Then one fall I sang a song,
there was really something wrong,
'Cuz my car too sang along,
a mystical migration of a Trogon.

That song made me realize
what ignition beats my heart
as I started to analyze
which kick gave me this start.

Masters sloppily strewn along
are everywhere outside,
While true Guru's love song
I did only find inside.

Just listening for the sound
is the best way to speak
And only learning I found
is the best way to teach

New England roads, fall season,
there's no time, no drive above.
Than loving with no reason
there's no better way to love."

Credit: God, Kirtan

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