Friday, December 17, 2010

Giving into Love - Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Love completely
but what for tell?
Cast wholly, why hear
for heart in spell?

Sing joyously
why have song heard?
Touch softly, why feel
the feelings spurred?

Smell heartily
why pluck the roses?
Wear gaily, why expect
what garland exposes

The child of love plays
in the crib of giving.
Give truly in Love
Cradle truth in living.

Credit: God, Guru Nanak, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Jude Folkman

This is what Harivansh Rai Bachchan, a great poet from India, taught me. The primary origin of most of this poem is his Hindi poem, "Aadarsh Prem" or "Ideal Love". Like always, I try to capture the essence in my interpretation, and do not strive to exactly translate. It is impossible to translate great works. Here is the original poem in Hindi: "Aadarsh Prem" And credit to Jude Folkman, for loving her job and going beyond the call of her duty to help me.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reverbnation Honey

"Work will be done when,
Papa, its not very hearty"
"I'll come soon children
let me enjoy the party.

Papa Bear too celebrates,
kids, let me wine and dine
on sweet honey cupcakes
of colorful song and rhyme.

As the cupcakes bake,
my soul intertwines
and within every flake,
my love honey lines.

Since this honey smells
of the rose of eternity;
to me its essence tells
what buzzed Mother Bee

Solitary bears retract
let them hibernate;
for hearty honey from angels
let me reverbnate."

Credit: God, Reverbnation Artists, Reverbnation

1. Mother bee is a reference to our source of true love, and therefore eternal life.

2. I created the verb reverbnate from Reverbnation, the biggest site for independent musicians:

3. An angel is whoever reminds me to sing about our common father, because thats just magical: My Angels Blog

4. Apart from my job, music, poetry ... I love spending time playing with my kids!!! Gobind is 7 and Jania almost 5 (in January). I am very very fortunate to have the love of these kids who are obviously jealous of the time I spend on my job, music, and poetry.

5. In San Ramon, California ... as must be true in other small suburbs across America, birthday celebrations especially in School are made with sharing of colorful cupcakes!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Love Grows Like a Napa Vine

It follows nature's etiquette
love grows like a Napa vine;
it crawls from soil to palette
like a tortoise from a fine line.

Know that well when a vine you plant,
you need a few grapes to make wine,
so go slow, very slow, my heart,
fine things in life take time.

Credit: God

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Drive the Fall to Love

Someone asked me today, "Shiv,
how do in Love I fall?"
I said "Drive and live
in New England in the fall"

"That doesn't make any sense,"
she looked at me perplexed.
I said, "Let me commence
the love story I know best.

Learning love, my friend,
is like learning to drive;
Well, not exactly, I amend,
it's been a mighty tough ride.

Sometimes I'd drive a mile,
but then I'd stop again;
after stopping for a while
another cycle would begin.

On this fine fare I found
sparkling preachers who'd preach,
and even more profound
sagacious speakers who'd speak.

I've had teachers intense
who've failed to me teach;
with even my nifty Benz
halting to discordant screech.

Then one fall I sang a song,
there was really something wrong,
'Cuz my car too sang along,
a mystical migration of a Trogon.

That song made me realize
what ignition beats my heart
as I started to analyze
which kick gave me this start.

Masters sloppily strewn along
are everywhere outside,
While true Guru's love song
I did only find inside.

Just listening for the sound
is the best way to speak
And only learning I found
is the best way to teach

New England roads, fall season,
there's no time, no drive above.
Than loving with no reason
there's no better way to love."

Credit: God, Kirtan

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Your Sanctuary

You have sometime
surely asked someone
for the beautiful beech tree
beneath the sun

Where no sorrows tide,
no wave of glum
Just balmy breezes
of pure pleasure aplomb?

I say tired traveller,
no longer ask anyone,
since I already sized
the simple sum;

To this sanctuary
since I succumbed,
All bondage brittle
have been undone;

It is the town where
Truth's songs are sung
And everyone is
without exception welcome.

Jubilant a joyous
journey now begun,
I nest in the Name
of the Only True ONE.

Credit: God, Guru Arjan

In French: Votre Sanctuaire
In Russian: Ваш Святилище

Temps perdu (Lost Time, French)

Temps perdu
Le temps qui n'est pas passe a chanter les louanges de l'unique est du temps perdu.

Sur un arbre, haut perche
Se tenait mon nid
J'ai gazouille mon chat de printemps
Sans m'inquiéter de l'automne.

Quand celle-ci est arrivée je
Me suis trouve tout dépourvu
Ce que je croyais posséder ici
Appartenait a un autre la-bas!

Que l'année apporte avec elle
Le printemps ou l'automne
Cela n'a pus d'importance.
Ton chant divin fait rayonner mon âme .

Oui! Maintenant j'ai trouve ma voie.
Un seul peut venir a mon secours.
C"est maintenant que je le réalise.
Je me demande pourquoi n'ais-je pas passe mon temps
A chanter tes louanges et te glorifier!

Translated by Declan (More on Declan)
Original Poem By Shiv: Lost Time
Related music: Lost Time in Raag Maru Bihag

Votre sanctuaire (Your Sanctuary, French)

As-tu jamais demandé à quelqu'un
De t'indiquer ta place au soleil

Là où il n'y a ni chagrin ni tristesse
Mais où seul règne la Joie sans fin

Oh! ami voyageur
Ne cherche pas plus longtemps.
Car je l'ai trouvé ce Sanctuaire!

Depuis , me voilà libéré
De toutes mes chaînes!

En ce lieu résonnent
Les chants de Vérité
Chacun y est le bienvenu!

Mon voyage a enfin commencé
Au son glorieux de l'Unique!

Translated by Declan (More on Declan)
Original Poem by Shiv: Your Sanctuary

Sumptous Love - Farid

Love devoured me down to a mere cage;
A raven scrapes whats left of my flesh;
But no black bird can eat my rage,
as of sumptuous love I am still bereft.

Oh Raven, feel free to drill me around,
nibble all the sullied flesh you can get.
But alas, love's sight I still havent found
favor me, don't take these two eyes yet

Credit: God, Sheikh Farid