Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Infectious Smile

Believe me, He was
listening all night long
cuz early in the morn
He whispered my song

Which gave me the smile
I had long foregone
Breezed my mind cool
when the sun was strong

Seeing my smile, He must've
smiled all day long
Cuz I saw red roses
smiling late in dawn

Time was forgone,
He was singing for so long
No longer can I tell,
if it was His or my song

Through this vision of His
a true love must've born
Cuz the scent of His memories
my eyes still adorn

And Now and forever,
to Him I belong
And harmonious ecstasy
to our love bond

Thanks for my smile,
thanks for my song
No ...
Thanks for your smile,
thanks for your song

Credit: God


  1. shiv bhai zinda baad. you know shiv i feel like m sitting somewhere in a holy place when i used to hear your voice

  2. I know that holy place well ... because I feel it in your comment. Its your heart! -Shiv