Sunday, November 28, 2010

Remembrance of Love

Years didn't let my remembrance falter
I still dream the knot we didn't tie
And I still stand at the sunny altar
Cuz I never heard you say goodbye

Be it nonchalant noon on the dot,
Or naughty night creeping by,
Damned distance has since moved a lot,
Dainty time's been too slow to try.

Only if I were a feather of thought,
To you I'd instantly fly;
Alas of earth 'n' water I'm wrought,
Just heavy tears I can cry,

whose army rolls down in a trot
to my heart right from my eye;
which sun tramples dry to salt
to roast my heart, Oh my!

Its beat could stop, Come fast, ajar;
With every hope I stand by
Come fast, come, be that crowbar
that my body from soul can pry

Who cares if that's the end of I
because that would be a fair goodbye

Credit: God, Guru Arjan, Shakespeare, Arvinder Kaur

1 comment:

  1. I just could not have enough of reading your poem it touched the core of my heart ! Raag Gauri in the background left me spelbound . Thanks for sharing and May Waheguruji Bless U with a Long loving & Prosperous Life so that U continue to spread HIS LIGHT with fervour . Arvinder .