Thursday, June 2, 2011

You and Me

This night of my wait
will have to say goodbye,
and these flickering stars
then better cease to lie,

when walking once perchance,
I'll see you on my way
and rising from my ranch,
the sun will shower a day

that is so brightly lit
that everyone would see
my dream of our epic,
the tale of you and me.

- Shiv

Monday, May 16, 2011

Saavan - Mirabai

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. ~Rabindranath Tagore

The clouds of Saavan pour,
to join my heart's humming
A familiar perfume airs
my love must be coming

Dark clouds from all sides
come together for an attack
Electricity charges the air,
lights a series of flash.

Tiny droplets dance around
as my hope slowly grows
my heart sings love songs
while a pleasant wind blows

- Shiv

*Saavan - rainy season

Inspired by Mira Bai's "Barsai Badariya Saavan Ki"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunrise After 8.9

"I truly hope the victims of the disaster never give up hope, take care of themselves, and live strong for tomorrow"
- Emperor Akihito in a TV address following Japan's 8.9 earthquake in March 2011, resulting in a devastating tsunami and a nuclear disaster.

there was
a gory dark time
of the eclipse
of 8.9!

But far
on a rosy horizon
to have darkness undone
sits another baby

I feel
it somewhat low
but I still feel it
with glow

This is
the sun that
will bring close those
who in current life are cast
and memories of those
who were amongst us
in the near

This is
the sun that will
shine upon what's in disdain
and upon what cannot be
put together

its rays
reflect the
pain (that trembling thrust)
of my dear brothers and sisters
and warmly touch me
as a reminder
of oneness
of us

My soul
feels the warmth
in their acceptance
of the power of nature's will
and feels the pain in
their surrender-
ed smiles

I feel
them somewhat near;
and ever more

far out
on a rosy horizon
to have grave darkness undone
I feel surely sits
baby sun

will again
from its cradle
in the east shine the sun
just like ages ago
its luster had

Hail the sun
for rising again!
Hail the sun
for shining again!

I feel
it somewhat low
but I really feel
it glow

My feelings world will grow
as per the master plan
the sun that now lies low
will again rise from Japan

- Shiv

Inspired by a project (Poets for Tsunami Relief) by inspiring Montreal poet Heather Grace Stewart earlier today I wrote this poem. As my other poems, this is a poem I wrote for strength for myself after seeing media coverage of Japan's monster quake, which I refer to by 8.9. If this resonates with you, please share it with friends and family.

Here are 10 ways of donating for Japan's relief: Donate for Tsunami Relief

- Shiv

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hope of Spring

Do you know
what California hills
look like now?
They are full
of mustard flowers

O soul,
grow the mustard flowers of love
on the soil of your heart,
and let them spread wildly ...

and you will sing
like California hills
are singing now,
mesmerizing onlookers
into thinking
they are you

- Shiv

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mustard Hills

I was travelling
on the train today
on bay area rapid transport.
we call it "BART" here.

Like I do almost everyday
going rapidly back and forth
home to office,
then home again.
So I think.

It takes me about an hour
(when I am not dreaming)
and it usually gives me time
to read something or think.
Today I couldn't do either.

Because I was mesmerized.
I couldn't stop looking
at the mustard flowers
on lush green hills
alongside the tracks.

I couldn't hear the train,
its timely movements
or the person behind me,
his loud inclinations
I couldn't see the spots
of fargone rain on the window
No distractions
None at all
Just green and yellow.

This is absolutely
the most beautiful season
in northern california
this is what makes this place
the best place to live
this makes this place

Home is where love lives
where the soul rests in peace
because greed has died
not because
it is diminished at all
it has ballooned so large
that it has consumed
my self and the surroundings
into ONE
it has compelled me
to hold a little
child's hand
because she needs it
(so I think)
so she can learn to
play the piano.
Thats home.

I have become the yellow
spotting on the green,
the flower of the connection,
which is green
because it is connected
or else it would be a twig;

I am not a twig
I am alive
I am at home,
and flowering yellow
and my soul sings:

mustard spots, green hills
consumed my greed
I am at home now
Love is all I need

- Shiv

Credit: God, Kabir, John Lennon

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The right knock

I was very sad
until I heard
a knock on the door.

Not one, not two
many knocks.

Someone was
banging on the door
shouting at the
same time promises.
promising this that
and everything
a lot more than
I had ever thought
possible in my life

I opened the door
and I was surprised
by the galore of gifts
tantalizing cups
sparkling wine

I was happy
but the fizz did not last
He left in a hurry
almost as soon
as he had come
leaving me behind
more sad than before

My tears hadn't dried
And I heard another knock
A second person
knocked on the door
but this time, just once
quite boringly
promised no gifts
said he had something to show
if I could open the door.

Why would I open the door
What was the point?

Then magically
an angel knocked
from the inside
of my beating heart
and sang:
"open your eyes
now is the time
realize realize
the first person
was temptation
but now who's there
is opportunity!
So go
open the door"

My angel's call
was just
in the nick of time
I opened the door
before opportunity
had gone
and as soon as the
door was opened
sun came walking in
brightened my house
like never before.

There is nothing
like having an angel
who is hiding in your
heart come out and
speak and lead.

Now I sing to you
My friend, its time
Find your angel
He will lead you
to answer the knock.
The right one.

Where is Woman's Place - Guru Nanak


Within woman, man is conceived;
From woman, man is born;

To woman he is engaged, then married.
Woman remains his close friend;
she lays the path of life with him.

When his woman dies,
man seeks another woman;
he cannot do without her.

Weren't kings
born from her?
And other women too?

And Man calls her bad!
And He thinks her low!
Why I ask, why?

Without woman there'd be no one at all;
I say woman's place is next to God.

– Guru Nanak, Raag Aasaa Mehal 1, Page 473

I did this translation to celebrate the International Women's Day: